In my eight years of writing for the e-commerce world, I have written for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer platforms. My work has ranged from more conceptual writing (like my brand building and catalog work) to traditional marketing copy (like emails and product descriptions).

Brand Building:

One-Sheet Example 1   |   One-Sheet Example 2
I created a series of brand sheets for an employer that outlined a company mission statement using bold language and a brave, confident voice. I wanted to create something informal and approachable while still maintaining the company’s professionalism.

Blog Writing:

Ryan @ My Kirkland’s Blog
I write weekly articles for, with topics ranging from gift ideas and home decorating inspiration to behind-the-scenes articles and interest pieces. All posts are optimized to a target keyword or phrase.


Catalog Example 1   |   Catalog Example 2   |   Catalog Example 3
Crafting catalog copy for Kirkland’s presented a unique opportunity for me—to use my affinity for fiction to create a kind of catalog I had never seen before: one that told a story.

Email Marketing:

Email Example 1   |   Email Example 2
While many e-commerce emails are more image-based than text-based, the ones I was tasked with writing required a fair share of copy to communicate their messages. These two are examples of emails that were meant to do more than simply sell products; they were designed to sell ideas and features.

Landing Pages:

The landing pages I wrote for ranged from contest fliers and summary pages to keyword-rich content pages designed to drive traffic to specific product categories.
Landing Page Example 1Landing Page Example 2Landing Page Example 3
(Click thumbnails to enlarge.)

Product Descriptions:

In my experience as a copywriter, I have written marketing copy for thousands of products, ranging from the spec-heavy items like HDTVs, cameras, and computers to items that require more descriptive and romantic copy, like furniture and home decor.
Product Description Example 1Product Description Example 2Product Description Example 3Product Description Example 4Product Description Example 5
(Click thumbnails to enlarge.)


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